About Us

The Essence of Nurturing was established as a wholistic Wellbeing Business in th early ninties, The whole emphasis and focus is on empowering, nurturing and instilling in each person their own strength and sense of self,giving people the tools for transformatiion and empowerment.

The Business is owned and operated by Anne-Marie and Warren Markham.

Anne-Marie is a qualified Dru yoga and meditation teacher with over thirty years , a senior teacher on the Dru Teacher training course.

She faciltiates workshops on ReikiDru Yoga , Aromatheraphy , and Chemical free skin care, Dru yoga and Meditation retreats, A qualified AromatherapistReiki MasterReflexologist , Sacred StoneCranial Sacral and Shiatsu practitioner. With over 27 years experience. Anne-Marie drwas on her wealth of knowlwdge and experience to enhance her teaching and support her clients and students,

Warren is a qualfied Dru Yoga and Mediation teacher, with 10 years experience. He works in aged care offering the clients a daily yoga session . He assist with the Teaching on the Dru teacher training, co Faciliating workshops with Anne-Marie

The center offers courses and workshops in Dru Yoga which is essentially Yoga of the Heart. The basis of which include postures and sequences designed to activate the heart center. The most important feature is the emphasis on softness and relaxation.
Also offered at the center by skilled, qualified therapists is Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki and shiatsu, all accredited with Australian Traditional Medicine Society, International yoga Teachers Association and The Yoga for Health Foundation.

Contact Ann-Marie or Warren to book your Dru Yoga class or to arrange an appointment to indulge in one of our special services such as ShiatsuReikiReflexologyAromatherapy and very relaxing Therapeutic Massage.