This is what some of our clients are saying about us

“I have been a student of Anne-Marie’s for the past 5 years. As I suffer from a chronic back condition, I chose to commit to a yoga regime aimed at strengthening this region. The physical benefits have been significant – reduced pain, greater flexibility and stronger spine. However, Yoga transcends the mere physical and embraces the mind, body and spirit. Dru Yoga has brought me inner peace, an increased awareness and appreciation of my place in the universe and a much needed reprieve from the daily rigours of routine. Anne-Marie’s teaching style exudes warmth and support, reflecting her experience and sincere commitment to her students and the principles of Dru. As a further testament to the power of Dru and Anne-Marie’s positive role, I have chosen to adopt much of her valuable teaching into my own Drama classes (warm ups and centring).”I am currently studying the Dru Meditation Teacher training course, and my husband is studying the Dru Teacher Training course, Irene Knauseder

“Physically, the postures make my body more flexible, particularly the emphasis on the spine. Mentally, Yoga helps me to “de-stress” from the pressures of daily life as a registered nurse, wife and mother. After class I feel totally relaxed and ready to face the week ahead. Yoga has become a part of my life.I am now a qualfied Dru Yoga Teacher for three years, specialising in Pre-natal yoga,also currently studying the Dru Mastery Post Graduate course.

I have become passionate about the benefits and joy that it gives me both mentally and physically. If you want your body to becone more flexible– start YOGA!”
Wendy Mahon

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